Thursday, 13 January 2011


So, Zohan passed his vetting!
The vet said he moves well and his legs/feet are fine. He needs his feet trimmed and he's a bit funny with his back legs, but that's something to work on. He said he's a little skittish but considering he hasn't been handled a hell of a lot but that's okay. He also has two wolf teeth, which are basically extra teeth in the mouth; he "might" need them out but he "might" not.


:) x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The First Post!

Zohan is a one year old Arabian horse.
He currently stands at about 14.2hh.
He is grey with black points.
He has two white socks on his rear legs.
He has has his face clipped and he has seen the farrier.

Currently he is at Claverdon Stud in Warwickshire but hopefully soon he will be at Potten End Farm, Potten End!

I'll post again, when I go back up to see him and bring him back down with me!

:) x