Wednesday, 25 May 2011


He's ever so handsome. And I think he's actually sprouted again!

We were messing with him in the trailer the other day in the wind, it was whipping straw round his legs and he didn't bat an eye lid!

He's been much better with velcro too which is every so useful! All his rugs have it at the front and he can actually cope with it without plastering himself to the back wall of his stable now lol.

His personality is really really starting to come out now! He's a total nibbler! I think he might have some teeth coming through because it's rare to see him not chewing something lol. I offered him my schooling whip which he had immense fun waving around and cracked me on the head with it lol.

His show bridle turned up as well and hopefully we'll be at a show soon. :] I'm excited cause he's so handsome I love hiiiiiim!!

I've also decided to send him away to get broken in because there is so much I want to do with him I want to make sure he gets the best start possible!

Annnnd, I'm going to buy him a salt lick and a molasses lick this weekend...he doesn't really grasp the licking thing..he more bites or drops his tongue on it lol

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