Monday, 21 February 2011

Things we could do we couldn't do before!

- Put a headcollar on without having a hissy fit
- Have the leadrope draped over his neck
- Have the leadrope flicked over his neck so it curls under
- Have a surcingle on
- Have (Twiglet's) Newmarket on
- Have (Twiglet's) Newmarket on with a surcingle holding it on
- Pick up both front feet
- Brush him all over
- Brush the inside of his back legs
- Drape my arms over his back
- Clean wounds
- Put antiseptic on
- Play around with his tail
- Rub his face with a towel
- Brush his face
- Have my hand on his nose from the other side
- Have a leadrope on his belly
- Have a leadrope round his chest
- Back up when I ask him to in the stable
- Walk AROUND gates (You'd think that would be simple!)
- Come to the gate every night!
- Walk out to the field alone
- Far far less jumpy with strange noises

This might not seem like a lot or seem pretty basic but he's never had anything like this done before, he's doing SO well and he's only been here nearly two weeks! He's so cute <3

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  1. Hello Anita. Zohan looks magnificent and it sounds as though he's settling in really well. Love your blog and see you soon. Helen xxxx