Sunday, 27 February 2011

Yaaaay ^.^

Yay, Zoh let me pick up his hind feet :D :D

Every time I've tried before he's jumped and moved away, which is to be expected, but we've been doing a lot of work with him and it's paid off! :D

Haha, he gave us an "aerial display" this morning when he got over excited going out to the field, he moved two steps away from me and catapaulted himself into the air like he was on a trampoline and his feet must've been level with my hips! I cannot wait to jump him.

We got him his first rug today :D It's chocolate brown with a red trim and he looks so so smart. I want to take a picture of him in itbefore he gets it grossly dirty!

Helen: Check this out!!/group.php?gid=82721176571
I want to take Ellie up there to do it...fancy coming with?! It'll be AWESOME!

Love ya x

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