Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Zoh keeps getting choke ¬.¬ so I've resorted to double netting AND soaking his haylage and his pathetic amounts of pony nuts are now turned to mush which he doesn't appreciate!

Tonight however, I gave him his dinner w/o his haynet in the stable and poked and prodded him until he ate it which he finally did and he seemed to like the taste his new supplement added to it! It's got a fair amount of copper in it which is something I was suggested I get for him for the pink around his eyes. He splooshed and mulched his way through it then when he was done he got his hay net which he tucked into even though he was frustrated he couldn't get a lot out!

Tomorrow I want to see if I can get him to cooperate and pay attention long enough to do some clicker, or I might just walk him around the first field or walk him to the road because he still jumps 6ft when he sees a car lol

He's a hell of a lot calmer in the stable now and he lets me brush all down his legs, his face and even piss about with his fetlocks :D

I love my pony <3 x

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