Saturday, 5 March 2011

Happy Birthday Zoh!

Zoh's two today :D

For his birthday he got....a pear. He doesn't like conventional fruits! I think he had a good day, he spent the marjority of it running around the field like a bleedin' lunatic though!

He was down the field and he heard us coming with Ellie and came barrelling up the field at about 90 miles an hour and set the others of and Trevor Stone was in his fields next door with his wolfhound puppy which has appeared out of nowhere and chased the horses across the field until it saw Ellie and ran away lol.

He met some traffic today in the pen by the road, he was fine until Jaffa started to be a pleb and race around -.-'

We also did a little bit of clicker but he was far more interested in chewing my fingers than listening to me lol

Hmm, I brushed his fetlocks today and he keeps overreaching so he's got several scabs from it which I need to keep an eye on!

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